Sudyodkeng - Seller shipped 5 of 6 belt all wrong sizes and poor quality

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Seller sudyodkeng -unhonest seller, poor quality items, do not buy from him. I few weak ago I purchased from him 6 belts. Later when I receive my order to my diappointment almost all belts were by 2 sizes smaller than what I asked him to ship. And one belt was missing. His respond was:"very headache with my shipping team ok please open non receive item dispute in paypal then I agree to refund money to you as you want really sorry for the problem , I receive a lot of order this month so my shipping team work may be too much" But he did not refund not shipped me right size items.

The belts stated in the add as "leather belts" what I received was PU .

We started to wear a couple ob belt that were all right to make additional holes in then to wear but my husban's belt got broke on 2nd day. Do not buy from this seller you will lose your money and will end up with a headache.

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hi i wish to comment on this dishonest seller also.i bought a belt from the seller, and then he said it was out of stock.

i think the add was a phantom add and he only replyed after the timeline was over for me to claim a refund from a payment sight. the seller then said that the item was posted , but i never received it. the seller is dishonest. i did ask for a refund but the seller knew i could not claim back and always refered me back to the pay websight knowing i could not get a refund.

the buyer is not honest, and i never did get my item or a refund.beware of this very crafty buyer

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the name of the website I purchased is IOFFER.COM :(

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